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When the child is born akika (sacrificing of goat) is performed, why?n when it can be performed, on which day?

The Answer: The sacrifice of akika is not fard. It is sunnah.

A person can perform it if he wants or vice versa. A person who does not slaughter a sacrifice is not regarded to have committed a sin. A person who slaughters one will get its reward. The sacrifice slaughtered in eid al-adha is wajib according to Hanafi madhhab.There are some conditions for the wujub of sacrifice. It is wajib for someone who meets those conditions to slaughter an animal.

For whom is Qurban (Sacrifice) wajib?
The following conditions are necessary for a person in order to slaughter an animal:
1 – To be a Muslim.
2 – To be free
3 – To be a resident, not a traveler.
4 – To have enough money that necessitates sadaqah fitrah..
5 – To become sane and mature.

The fifth condition is controversial. According to some scholars, it is not necessary to become sane and baligh (mature, developed) for sacrifice to become wajib. It is necessary for a rich child and insane person to sacrifice an animal. Their parents should slaughter a sacrifice for them. The amount of nisab (minimum amount) for zakat and sadaqah fitra is 80 grams of gold or 561 grams of silver.
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