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Buy Your Qurbani Online. It’s That Easy!

Stacks of hay, beaded jewelry stalls and smell of bakras/gayes is in the air. With each passing day, cheering and excitement in the streets is evident. Noticeably, bakra sacrifice trend is over taken by cow or bull sacrifice but then comes a responsibility of performing qurbani, a demonstration of total submission to Allah’s will and command. Indeed a big task of Eid days for men. Welcome to the new genre of shopping, now you don’t have to spend countless exhausting hours or to bargain for the chosen animal. Also, no need for loading animal to finally bring home. All such hassles have got one solution i.e. purchasing online.

Listed below are top websites /online forums where you will get whole details along with real animal pictures.

Top website these days, for all those with loads of work or simply refusing to visit mandis. One of the organized site where you can select type of animal, weight and the breed. After that, you will be informed with pricing information. You have two options, either to ask/ refer for bringing the animal home. Or to ask them for sacrifice and send back the meat.

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